Milk Jar Craft #2!

Hello, again!  Here’s part two of my milk jar crafting!  This craft has about two steps!

What you’ll need:

  • Milk Jar (or mason jar)
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon

Cut the ribbon to fit the base of the bottle. Use hot glue to secure. And you’re done! Easiest craft ever and pretty cute too!  Hope y’all enjoyed!



Mason Jar Craft

Hello!!! I love mason jar crafts, they are incredibly simple and always turn out adorable!
What you’ll need:
-Chalkboard paint (I used White)
-Hot Glue Gun
Step one, paint your mason jar. Step two, wrap ribbon around jar and secure with hot glue. Step three, add flowers (real or fake).  Like I said, really simple! 
Happy crafting!

Gift Basket

I made this gift basket for Mother’s Day!  Really easy to make too! 
What you’ll need: 
-Embellishments (flowers/ribbon)
I started by painting the basket. Once it dried, I used a stencil to make the polka dots. I used ribbon to accent the middle of the basket and added flowers through out the basket. Don’t forget to indulge in some wine while crafting!

Then, fill with goodies! It makes the gift special and personalized. And, the basket can be used for so many things!  

I hope y’all enjoyed this post! Have a great day!!! 

Ribbon Wand

 Hi Y’all! Welcome to day four of my crafting adventures with my guest crafter!
What you’ll need: 
-Wooden Rod
-Ribbon (we used three colors)
-Hot Glue 
To start- paint the wooden rod.  Once the rod is dry, use hot glue to secure the ribbon to the rod. We selected three colors of ribbon. I used hot glue to secure the flower. 
These are so pretty and lots of fun! Happy crafting!!!

Monogram Letters

Who doesn’t love a cute monogram?  These make great gifts and are adorable! 
What you’ll need:
-Monogram Letter (purchased mine from Michael’s)
I began by painting the monogram – Stenciling the polka dots- Add Ribbon & Bow!

For the second monogram, I tried something a little different!  I painted the monogram, and instead of using the stencil to make the polka dots, I used a wide round cork dipped in glue to make the polka dots.  I then applied glitter.  I only did a few polka dots at a time to make sure the glue wasn’t dry by the time I got to the glitter.  I added the bow and ribbon to finish it off.  
I love these monograms and they are pretty easy to make! Hope y’all enjoyed!!!

Adventure Book!

This was one of those crafts I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with it and I made a few mistakes… but I still love it! I found photo albums on sale at Michael’s and didn’t really plan on decorating them… Until I was on a Pinterest binge and saw a few different things that lead me to this!

What you’ll need:
-Photo Alum (the one I choose was fabric)
-Sea Shells!
-Mini Pearls
-Contact Paper
I get 95% of my supplies from Michael’s, other times AC Moore, Walmart, Target, and Amazon (god bless prime!)

Initially, I used the sharpie to write directly on the fabric, but didn’t anticipate the ink bleeding, it wasn’t cute!  I tried painting over the marker and that did turn out cute, however I wasn’t paying attention and I smeared the paint- sad face- there was officially no going back! So after all of my silliness, I used a small piece of contact paper to cover up my fails!  I just used the Sharpie to write on the contact paper.  I’m not very good with cutting a straight line and that’s where the ribbon saved the day!  I used hot glue to secure the ribbon and trim the contact paper (to hide my uneven cutting.)  I added the final details of mini pearls and sea shells with hot glue. 

I’m very satisfied with this project!  Now, I just have to decide what photos are worthy being a “Mermaid Adventure!” Hope y’all enjoyed this one! Thanks for reading!!! 

Flip Flop Wreath!

To make the flip flop wreath you’ll need:
-4 pairs of flip flops 
-Hot Glue Gun 
-Crazy Glue
-Embellishments! (Ribbon/shells)
-Letter or Word
Initially when I made this wreath I used a styrofoam base, but it ended up not working out the best!  It’s actually easier to attach the flip flops to each other. 
To start, organize the flip flops in the pattern that you prefer. I made a “t” shape for the first layer, and then added the second layer between each flip flop. I then used hot glue to secure the flip flops in place, however I found that if you place the wreath in a high sun area, the hot glue won’t hold for long! When I touched up the wreath I used hot glue in combination with crazy glue and that seemed to work much better! 
You can add whatever embellishments you prefer! I used ribbon and sea shells. Once everything is assembled, attach a word or letter in the center (it helps cover where all the flip flops intersect.) Michael’s always has a lot of cute embellishments, like butterflies, flowers, and such!
I hope y’all enjoyed this craft! Have a great day!