Mason Jars & Beer Bottles 

Hello!  Mason jars & beer bottles make for perfect up-cycled creations!  Here’s a little gift I recently put together!

I created a pen cup using a mason jar, ribbon, a monogram decal, and black pebbles.
I created a little vase with a beer bottle, spray paint, and ribbon.  I’ve found that holding the bottle farther away from the spray paint and slowly rotating the bottle helps give  a mercury glass appearance.
I added a few other office supplies to finish off the gift!

Happy Crafting y’all!



Repurpose Scentsy Clam Shells

As many of you already know, I’m a Scentsy Independent Consultant!  Today I wanted to share some ideas I’ve had on reusing Scentsy clam shells!  I get so many of these and I love finding ways to reuse them!!! 
What you’ll need:
-Empty clam shell
-Glue (Elmers & hot glue)
-Scrapbooking Paper
-Googly Eyes
-Pipe Cleaners
For the first project, I made a critter out of the lid portion of the clam shell. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to the shape of the lid.  Using Elmer’s glue I secured the paper to the lid, then added the eyes and nose.  I used a marker to make the mouth.  Using a hot glue gun, I secured the pipe cleaner to the back of lid and also secured the magnet. I used corners of the scrapbooking paper to create the ears and glued them to the outer portion of the lid!   
When I initially used the magnets on the back of the lid, I used Styrofoam to lift the magnet out of the lid a little, but I later found it was easier to glue the magnet directly to the lid. 
This next project is great for my fellow Scentsy Consultants!  I cut the lid off of old clam shells and added my label with my information.  It’s a great play on a business card!  I just glued a magnet on the back.  I use it as a bag stuffer when packaging orders and my customers love it!  
This isn’t so much a project, but sharing an idea!  I love using the empty wax portion of the clam shell as a pallet for paints!  It comes in handy with all the crafting and painting I’ve been doing lately!!! 
The last idea is kinda fun!  I took a clam shell and glued a piece of scrapbook paper on the front.  I then cut eight slips of paper and tucked them into each section.  On the pieces of paper I wrote a small object, for example “penny” or “paper clip” to create a scavenger hunt.  Obviously you can write what ever you heart desires on the slips of paper, I was trying to think of little things that would fit into the little compartments!  
I hope you enjoyed today’s post!  I’d love to hear any other suggestions on how to reuse the clam shells!!! Happy Crafting Y’all!!!

Making it work!

For the longest time I struggled with what I wanted to hang over my bed!  I finally found the perfect piece, but it was black!  My bedroom has white furniture and is decorated in a beautiful shabby chic decor.  I got to thinking that if I couldn’t find the perfect piece, I would have to make the perfect piece, and so I did!  I purchased a less expensive version of what I was looking for (from Walmart, ya know, just in case this idea went terribly bad- I wasn’t out too much money)…  I bought a bottle of white spray paint and went to making this piece work! 
I love it!!! It fit so perfectly with my bedroom decor!  I did have to hit it with spray paint a few times to make sure it was coated.  A little of the black did show through, but it gave it a nice rustic touch!  Again, easy peasy! Have a great day y’all!

Pixie Dust Magical Bottles

Here’s the first craft feature from my adventures with my guest crafter!

What you’ll need:
-Voss Water Bottle (we used glass)
-Glitter Glue
-Brillo Pad
-Super Glue

First! Drink your water!  Once the water bottle is empty, use the brillo pad and warm water to remove the logo and product information for the bottle- I was surprised at how easy this came off, just take a few minutes!

Onto the bottle contents, we poured glitter, glitter glue, and a few drops of glycerin into the bottle and then added warm water.  For the glitter glue, we just used the Crayola Glitter Glue tubes and we used two per bottle.  At first the glitter seemed a little clumpy, but once you shake the bottle and allow the water to dissolve everything, the clumps went away. Use super glue on the inside of the cap to ensure that the top doesn’t unscrew!

Loved making these bottles!!!  It’s incredibly soothing to watch as the glitter settles, think I’ll keep this one on my desk at work! Happy crafting, y’all!

Jewelry Box

This was by far the longest project yet!  I began working on this project a few months ago and I never really had the perfect pieces to put it all together.  Now that it’s 100% complete, I’m glad I took my time!  I’ve wanted a jewelry box to store costume jewelry for some time, however, I didn’t want the typical department store fancy wooden jewelry box.  I just happen to find a plain wooden box on sale at Micheal’s (who would’ve guessed… I found something on sale at Micheal’s?!) and that’s where this adventure began!
To start, I painted the exterior of the box.  I stumbled across stationary that coordinates with my bedding.  Using a little ribbon and Mod Podge, I secured the decorative paper. My jewelry box sat like this for a few months.

Until… I found a mirror to place on the inside lid!  Using scrapbook paper, I created a background for the mirror and added a little ribbon for a delicate touch!  Once again, my jewelry box sat for a few more months.

For the longest time, I wasn’t sure how to put the finishing touches on the inside of my jewelry box.  I contemplated using fabric verses paper to cover the bottom.  I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to cover the sides or just the bottom with fabric.  I finally decided to cover just the bottom with fabric and paint the sides.  I used a mixture of Elmer’s glue and water to secure the fabric to the bottom of the jewelry box. Once it was dry, my jewelry box was FINALLY complete (after about 6 months)!

As I stated earlier, I am very pleased with the way this project turned out.  My ideas changed over time, for example, intentionally I didn’t plan on putting a mirror on the inside of the jewelry box.  It wasn’t until a mirror popped out of an eye shadow compact that I got the idea!  The same went for the fabric on the bottom of the box.  I was in search of fabric for a while and it wasn’t until I ruined a tee shirt when I finally locked into the idea.  I used the old tee shirt to cover the bottom of the jewelry box.  When I purchased the box it was on sale for 49 cents.  I also purchased the stationary used on the top of the lid.  All of the other supplies were from other projects or recycled.
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Glass Jar Make-Over

I found my second project on Pintrest.  Click here to view original post!  This was another easy little project.  Supplies: Scrapbook paper, paint brush, Mod Podge (the glue/finish), jars, ribbon, and scissors! First, empty and clean jars… I used a spaghetti sauce jar, a mason jar, and a Maker’s Mark bottle.

After removing all labels, measure your scrapbook paper to the jar or bottle.  Using the paint brush, apply Mod Podge to the back of the scrapbook paper, and place on the jar.  Smooth out any bubbles or seams, then apply a coat of Mod Podge to the scrapbook paper.  It dries fairly fast.  I just tied a ribbon around the jar and placed flowers inside!

The cost of this project- Mod Podge is roughly $10, scrapbook paper was 50 cents a sheet, the jars should be recycled which makes them… free! I saved some money by using a sponge instead of a paint brush. And, all of my supplies had leftovers for other projects!

My first project…

I was recently paging through the West Elm catalog.  I loved the idea of recycled glass bottles… However, in the catalog, they run from $6-$29.  I didn’t want to pay that much.  I knew I wanted something in a blue tone to match my living room.
The cost of this project… $0!!! The Pinnacle bottles came from a bar, I just asked for the empty bottles.  The roses were a gift and I just dried them!  This was a pretty quick and painless project!

I decided to use Pinnacle Vodka bottles! I loved the shape and color.  My first step (after emptying the bottles of course) was to clean them and remove the stickers and foil.  Removing the foil was probably the hardest part to this entire process.  I used goo gone to remove any glue left from the stickers.  After they were washed and dried, I placed a dried rose in each bottle. It adds a great touch to my living room!