Making a house a home (Or in my case, apartment!)

This project didn’t turn out as planned!  My initial idea was to paint an inspirational quote on a canvas.  I started by painting my canvas green.  While I was cleaning my paint brush, my cat decided to walk across the wet canvas!  Her paw prints were too cute to paint over.  I let the “ruined” painting dry and tried to think of a new direction for my project that would include Olivia’s prints.  Tonight I decided to add my own hand prints and “Welcome to our home.”  It turned out much better than I expected.  I cannot wait for it to dry so that I can hang it in the hallway!

This was another great project that only cost about $6!  My canvas was only $5… It was purchased at Micheal’s during a 50% off canvas promotion.  The paint was 50 cents (each color)!  Even though the project took an unexpected turn, it was still less expensive than purchasing a welcome sign from Walmart or Target… And ours is truly one of a kind!