Happy 4th! 

Hello & Happy 4th, y’all! I had so much fun creating todays crafts, I couldn’t want to share! 

I tried a different painting technique with this jar. It was a little tougher than I had expected, but the final product is perfect! Instead of painting the outside of the jar, I painted the inside.
This was the easiest jar! I simply painted the jar blue and added a glittery finish. I happened to find the finish on the sale rack at Michaels! I can’t wait to use it on other projects!
This little beauty took a little longer, but was worth it! I saw something similar in Michaels, and decided I could make it myself. This jar is definitely my favorite out of the three!

I hope you enjoyed! Happy crafting!!! 


Dabbling in Watercolors

Hello!  I think if I could master every form of art, I would.  Recently, I’ve been playing with watercolors.  I’m not very good & any success I have had is from following tutorials on Pinterest! Hope y’all enjoy!


Arrow Paintings

Hello! I’ve been working on fun tribal decor for my niece!  Michael’s had a great sale on canvas and I stocked up!  This is the first creation.  I tried using a stencil and I didn’t love the stencil.  Next time I think it might try a different technique!  They still turned out cute! Hope y’all enjoy!


Repurpose Scentsy Clam Shells

As many of you already know, I’m a Scentsy Independent Consultant!  Today I wanted to share some ideas I’ve had on reusing Scentsy clam shells!  I get so many of these and I love finding ways to reuse them!!! 
What you’ll need:
-Empty clam shell
-Glue (Elmers & hot glue)
-Scrapbooking Paper
-Googly Eyes
-Pipe Cleaners
For the first project, I made a critter out of the lid portion of the clam shell. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to the shape of the lid.  Using Elmer’s glue I secured the paper to the lid, then added the eyes and nose.  I used a marker to make the mouth.  Using a hot glue gun, I secured the pipe cleaner to the back of lid and also secured the magnet. I used corners of the scrapbooking paper to create the ears and glued them to the outer portion of the lid!   
When I initially used the magnets on the back of the lid, I used Styrofoam to lift the magnet out of the lid a little, but I later found it was easier to glue the magnet directly to the lid. 
This next project is great for my fellow Scentsy Consultants!  I cut the lid off of old clam shells and added my label with my information.  It’s a great play on a business card!  I just glued a magnet on the back.  I use it as a bag stuffer when packaging orders and my customers love it!  
This isn’t so much a project, but sharing an idea!  I love using the empty wax portion of the clam shell as a pallet for paints!  It comes in handy with all the crafting and painting I’ve been doing lately!!! 
The last idea is kinda fun!  I took a clam shell and glued a piece of scrapbook paper on the front.  I then cut eight slips of paper and tucked them into each section.  On the pieces of paper I wrote a small object, for example “penny” or “paper clip” to create a scavenger hunt.  Obviously you can write what ever you heart desires on the slips of paper, I was trying to think of little things that would fit into the little compartments!  
I hope you enjoyed today’s post!  I’d love to hear any other suggestions on how to reuse the clam shells!!! Happy Crafting Y’all!!!

Ombré Monograms!

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a tad obsessed with monograms! Here we go! 
What you’ll need:
-Paint Brushes
-Mod Podge Spray
I started by painting the letter, top half white and bottom half teal.  I used a paint brush to apply glue and applied the glitter, I used white glitter for the top and teal glitter for the bottom. I used a ribbon in the middle and tied a bow! With this project I did seal it with Mod Podge spray to seal the glitter!  Hope y’all enjoyed!

Flip Flop Frame!

Today’s post is a quickie!  I purchased an adorable frame from (you guessed it!) Michael’s and I wasn’t sure what to do with it!  Finally I decided to just paint it!  I added glitter to give it a pretty shimmer and added little polka dots on the straps.  

So cute!!! I’m sure there are a million ways to decorate these little frames, you could always add little embellishments like little pearls, ribbon, flowers, butterflies, the list goes on!

Hope y’all enjoyed! Have a great day!!!