Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! I wanted to show everyone my super fantastic mermaid make-up for my Halloween Costume! 
My friend Jessica assisted me with my make-up.  Here’s a quick run down of what she did!  I started with applying my normal concealer and foundation.  Jessica then applied an eye shadow primer to the areas of my face where I wanted the scales.  We placed a fishnet stocking over my face.  Make sure the fishnet is centered and they aren’t too stretched out in any spots so that the scales are a consistent size.  She used shimmery purple and green eye shadow to fill in the scales.  We removed the fishnet and then she created a mixture of white glitter and white eye shadow to create a highlighter to fill in between the scales.  I did my eye make up and added bronzer and highlighter.  Jessica then attached my gems, pearls, and shells.  We used eyelash glue to attach everything and it worked perfectly! 
I was so impressed with Jessica’s talents!  This is by far the best Halloween make-up I’ve ever had!!! Hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!!!

Mason Jar Candle

Hello! Here’s a fun little craft I found on Pinterest! 
What you’ll need:
-Mason Jar
-Mod Podge (I used the spray not the glue)
-Battery operated Tea Light
Spray the inside of the mason jar with mod podge (or you can coat it with glue). Add glitter.  I put the lit back on and shook the jar until the glitter covered the glass.  Then, simply add a tea light to the inside and screw the glass on top of the lid.  I added a little ribbon to match the decor in the room. Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Ombré Monograms!

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a tad obsessed with monograms! Here we go! 
What you’ll need:
-Paint Brushes
-Mod Podge Spray
I started by painting the letter, top half white and bottom half teal.  I used a paint brush to apply glue and applied the glitter, I used white glitter for the top and teal glitter for the bottom. I used a ribbon in the middle and tied a bow! With this project I did seal it with Mod Podge spray to seal the glitter!  Hope y’all enjoyed!

Flip Flop Frame!

Today’s post is a quickie!  I purchased an adorable frame from (you guessed it!) Michael’s and I wasn’t sure what to do with it!  Finally I decided to just paint it!  I added glitter to give it a pretty shimmer and added little polka dots on the straps.  

So cute!!! I’m sure there are a million ways to decorate these little frames, you could always add little embellishments like little pearls, ribbon, flowers, butterflies, the list goes on!

Hope y’all enjoyed! Have a great day!!!

Glitter Magnets

I found this little craft on Pinterest! 
What you’ll need: 
-glass pebbles
-mod podge spray
-hot glue 
Dip the back of the glass pebble in glue, I used elmers glue, then dip in glitter.  I waited a few minutes for the glue to dry and then sprayed the glitter with mod podge spray. After that dried I used hot glue to secure the magnet. They turned out so cute and work great for hanging art work on the fridge! Happy crafting, y’all! 

Finger Painting Flamingo!

Today’s craft was selected specifically for my guest crafter to give as a gift!

What you’ll need:
-Paint (Pink)
-Mod Podge Spray

We started by painting the canvas white.  I then painted my guest crafter’s hand pink!  She imprinted her hand onto the canvas and we let it dry.  Once dry, I applied a small coat of glue and we applied the glitter.  I used a sharpie to make the beak, eyes, and legs!  After the glue had dried, I sprayed the painting with Mod Podge Spray! 

Pixie Dust Magical Bottles

Here’s the first craft feature from my adventures with my guest crafter!

What you’ll need:
-Voss Water Bottle (we used glass)
-Glitter Glue
-Brillo Pad
-Super Glue

First! Drink your water!  Once the water bottle is empty, use the brillo pad and warm water to remove the logo and product information for the bottle- I was surprised at how easy this came off, just take a few minutes!

Onto the bottle contents, we poured glitter, glitter glue, and a few drops of glycerin into the bottle and then added warm water.  For the glitter glue, we just used the Crayola Glitter Glue tubes and we used two per bottle.  At first the glitter seemed a little clumpy, but once you shake the bottle and allow the water to dissolve everything, the clumps went away. Use super glue on the inside of the cap to ensure that the top doesn’t unscrew!

Loved making these bottles!!!  It’s incredibly soothing to watch as the glitter settles, think I’ll keep this one on my desk at work! Happy crafting, y’all!