Wedding Crafts! 


A few months ago one of my friends got married and she asked for my crafty skills to help out with some of the wedding decor.  I learned some fun tips and tricks and I’m going to share them below!

We wrapped plain tea lights in washi tape to make them pretty!
The wedding was “Peter Pan” themed, which was prefect for the bride and groom. Thimbles were used as accents.
Ribbon wands! We didn’t craft these, but the picture was too pretty not to share!
Thimbles and acorns were used at each place setting. We lightly spray painted the acorns with a shimmery gold paint.
The card box! We actually did construct this ourselves with wrapping paper, ribbon, feathers, and wedding themed stickers.
One of my favorite crafts was embellishing the feathers. We lightly spray painted the feathers with glitter spray paint. They were so pretty!

These were just a few things to share, the whole wedding was incredibly creative!  Hopefully I’ll share the table layouts soon!  I hope you enjoyed, happy crafting!



My First Wreathe! 

I finally took the plunge and created my own wreathe!  I’ve pinned so many pretty wreathes on Pinterest and this was the perfect time to try it out!  I’m  not sure how to write a “how to” on wreathe making. I purchased the twig wreathe frame, added a few picks, and used a monogram ornament for the center.  This was a lot easier than I anticipated! Hope y’all enjoyed!


Paper Flowers

Hi Y’all!  Last year I was stuck at work due to snow.  We were limited on craft supplies and I searched for what I could make with what was available to me!  All I had was construction paper, scissors, and glue! I found a post on Pinterest on how to make paper flowers.  I’ve attached the link below! I’m not even going to try to explain the steps!  

Wine Bottle Craft

Hello!  I always see cute wine bottle crafts on Pinterest and I finally took a shot at one!
What you’ll need:
-Wine Bottle
-Mod Podge Spray
-Hot Glue Gun
Once I had an empty wine bottle, I removed the labels using warm water and a brillo pad.  I then used tape to section off where I wanted the glitter to be applied.  I sprayed the area with Mod Podge spray then rolled the bottle in glitter and did another coat of Mod Podge.  I added ribbon to the base and neck of the bottle and secured with hot glue.  I found glitter embellished sticks at Michael’s that fit perfect in the bottle.  I’ve been testing other wine bottle crafts, but I can’t share until after the holidays! Happy Crafting!

I love Ellies!!!

Happy Sunday!  I love this craft because you can definitely make it your own!  It’s a simple little mason jar craft!
What you’ll need:
 -Mason Jar
-Animal (I chose an Elephant)
-Paint (I used spray paint and acrilic)
I started this craft by spray painting the elephant and lid of the mason jar.  I found the perfect sized animals at Michael’s in the children’s toy isle.  Once everything was dry, I first glued the two lid pieces together and then glued the elephant to the lid.  I painted the mason jar with Martha Stewart pearl paint.  To polish off the jar, I tied a ribbon around the neck!  I have no clue what I’m going to put in the jar, but I love it!  I was thinking it would be great for hair ties and pins!  Hope y’all enjoyed! 

Mermaid Tiara

Hello! Today’s craft was lots of fun (and frustrating) to make!  I was inspired to make my tiara by a Pinterest post.  Unfortunately, mine didn’t go quite as smooth as the Pinterest post, but I’m incredibly pleased with how my tiara turned out! 
What you’ll need:


-Sea Shells
-Pearl Paint (I used Martha Stewart Brand)
-Crafting Pearls
-Hot Glue Gun
-Wood Glue
-Super Glue
The Pinterest post I found used a dollar store tiara, however I didn’t like the selection at the dollar store, a lot of the tiaras were made of plastic and weren’t going to hold up once the shells were attached.  I purchased my tiara from Walmart.  I made sure that the tiara had higher arches so that I had surface area to attach the shells.  I started by painting the shells. Once they were dry, I started gluing the shells on from the center out.  The glue situation was a little frustrating.  Hot glue was good for a quick fix, however, it wasn’t holding up.  I ended up using both wood glue and hot glue. The wood glue provided a stronger bond over time.  I attached the tiny shells and crafting pearls using super glue.  I love the way my mermaid tiara turned out!  Hope y’all enjoy!!!