Hello! I figured after two days of decor posts, I’d feature a craft today! 
What you’ll need for the wine bottle craft:
-Epson Salt
-Wine bottle
-Battery operated lights (recommend finding ones with a timer)
-Mod Podge Spray
What you’ll need for the mason jar craft:
-Mason jar
-Glass pebbles 
-Battery operated lights (recommend finding ones with a timer)

For the wine bottle craft: Remove all labels, I soak the bottle in warm water and use a Brillo pad to scrub away and residue.  Once the bottle dries, spray with Mod Podge and immediately roll into Epson salt.  I poured the Epson salt on a paper plate to make it easier to roll.  I then stuffed the lights down into the bottle.  Once you let the bottle sit for a little while, the salt and Mod Podge will set and the salt will hold.  I added a little ribbon at the top.  The lights came with a battery pack and it has three different settings.  This piece didn’t fit inside the bottle, so I have it tucked behind the bottle and you can’t actually see it!  I found a very inexpensive set of lights at Walmart for this craft.  I believe they were only $5.  Only downside is that the wiring is actually green, you can’t tell in this craft, but if you’re using clear glass you would be able to see. 

For the mason jar craft: I filled the bottom of the mason jar with the desired amount glass pebbles.  I strategically placed the shells around the inside of the glass, using the glass pebbles to hold them in place.  Using twine, I tied a bow around the top of the jar.  I unraveled the strand of lights and added to the jar.  This strand of lights also has a battery pack that didn’t fit into the glass jar, so it’s sitting behind the jar.  It also came with three settings.  The only downside to this set of lights was the price, I paid about $12 for this strand from Michael’s.  I liked the silver wiring on this strand for this craft.  I have both luminaries set on a timer. 

I’m very pleased with how both luminaries turned out!  Have you made any luminaries of your own? 

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