Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween!!! I wanted to show everyone my super fantastic mermaid make-up for my Halloween Costume! 
My friend Jessica assisted me with my make-up.  Here’s a quick run down of what she did!  I started with applying my normal concealer and foundation.  Jessica then applied an eye shadow primer to the areas of my face where I wanted the scales.  We placed a fishnet stocking over my face.  Make sure the fishnet is centered and they aren’t too stretched out in any spots so that the scales are a consistent size.  She used shimmery purple and green eye shadow to fill in the scales.  We removed the fishnet and then she created a mixture of white glitter and white eye shadow to create a highlighter to fill in between the scales.  I did my eye make up and added bronzer and highlighter.  Jessica then attached my gems, pearls, and shells.  We used eyelash glue to attach everything and it worked perfectly! 
I was so impressed with Jessica’s talents!  This is by far the best Halloween make-up I’ve ever had!!! Hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!!!

Mermaid Tiara

Hello! Today’s craft was lots of fun (and frustrating) to make!  I was inspired to make my tiara by a Pinterest post.  Unfortunately, mine didn’t go quite as smooth as the Pinterest post, but I’m incredibly pleased with how my tiara turned out! 
What you’ll need:


-Sea Shells
-Pearl Paint (I used Martha Stewart Brand)
-Crafting Pearls
-Hot Glue Gun
-Wood Glue
-Super Glue
The Pinterest post I found used a dollar store tiara, however I didn’t like the selection at the dollar store, a lot of the tiaras were made of plastic and weren’t going to hold up once the shells were attached.  I purchased my tiara from Walmart.  I made sure that the tiara had higher arches so that I had surface area to attach the shells.  I started by painting the shells. Once they were dry, I started gluing the shells on from the center out.  The glue situation was a little frustrating.  Hot glue was good for a quick fix, however, it wasn’t holding up.  I ended up using both wood glue and hot glue. The wood glue provided a stronger bond over time.  I attached the tiny shells and crafting pearls using super glue.  I love the way my mermaid tiara turned out!  Hope y’all enjoy!!!

Mason Jar Candle

Hello! Here’s a fun little craft I found on Pinterest! 
What you’ll need:
-Mason Jar
-Mod Podge (I used the spray not the glue)
-Battery operated Tea Light
Spray the inside of the mason jar with mod podge (or you can coat it with glue). Add glitter.  I put the lit back on and shook the jar until the glitter covered the glass.  Then, simply add a tea light to the inside and screw the glass on top of the lid.  I added a little ribbon to match the decor in the room. Hope ya’ll enjoy!