Sand Souvenirs!

Alright!  Time to get back to crafting! I was on a crafting binge and I had to take a little break!  I thought this was a fun craft for Labor Day weekend!  As the summer winds down and lots of families are vacationing at the beach, this is something fun and easy anyone can do!  
What you’ll need:
-Glass bottle (I used a wine bottle, beer bottle, and patron bottle)
-Scrap booking paper
-Mod Podge Glue
-Gorilla Glue
*Just a helpful reminder, don’t throw away the cork or bottle cap! You will need this!*
First, you have to drink the beverage in order to empty the bottle!  I would then suggest cleaning out the glass bottle with water and soap.  Once the bottle is clean and ready to go, simply take it to the beach and fill with sand!  You can also fill a zip-lock bag with sand and then cut the bottom corner of the bag to fill the bottle.  Because some of my bottles were so big, I just took them to the beach with me and scooped the sand right into the bottle.  Simply stick the cork in the top or use gorilla glue to reattach the cap.  Make sure you’ve secured your bottle of sand properly for the ride home! 

I try to fill a bottle each year I go to the beach, I think it’s a fun little souvenir and it fits perfect in the decor for my living room!  Once I’m home from my beach vacation, I’ll embellish the bottle. I gather seashells from the beach and string them on ribbon and tie around the neck of the bottle. I have also used scrap book paper and mod podge glue to decorate the bottle! Hope y’all enjoyed! Happy crafting!

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