Pixie Dust Magical Bottles

Here’s the first craft feature from my adventures with my guest crafter!

What you’ll need:
-Voss Water Bottle (we used glass)
-Glitter Glue
-Brillo Pad
-Super Glue

First! Drink your water!  Once the water bottle is empty, use the brillo pad and warm water to remove the logo and product information for the bottle- I was surprised at how easy this came off, just take a few minutes!

Onto the bottle contents, we poured glitter, glitter glue, and a few drops of glycerin into the bottle and then added warm water.  For the glitter glue, we just used the Crayola Glitter Glue tubes and we used two per bottle.  At first the glitter seemed a little clumpy, but once you shake the bottle and allow the water to dissolve everything, the clumps went away. Use super glue on the inside of the cap to ensure that the top doesn’t unscrew!

Loved making these bottles!!!  It’s incredibly soothing to watch as the glitter settles, think I’ll keep this one on my desk at work! Happy crafting, y’all!


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