Painting with Words

Painting words was a big challenge for me!  I always struggled with making each letter perfect and even more, I struggled with finding the perfect brushes.  I finally found the perfect brushes at Michael’s, it’s a firmer, thin, rounded brush.  For today’s craft, I wanted something for the entry table in my home.  I change the decor on the table with the seasons.
I started with something fun for summer, because I felt guilty “wishing the summer away.” (haha)  I simply painted the canvas white, painted my “Sunshine and Summertime”, and added polka dots!  
This was actually an idea I had last fall that I never got around to! I’m obsessed with sunflowers (you’ll see some fun sunflower crafts later) and fall in general.  For this canvas, I painted the canvas a tan, painted my “Happy Fall Yall”.  Once that dried, I painted the sunflower! 
I’ve been sealing my paintings with a Mod Podge spray to protect the paint.  Again, this was super easy!  I would suggest painting letters when you have the opportunity to take your time.  Hope y’all enjoyed this post!

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