Shelly Monograms!

I’m crazy about the beach and monograms!  If you are too, then you’ll love this craft!  Way easier than I expected!
What you’ll need:
-Letter (I used “H” for my last name)
-Sea Shells!
-Paint Brush
-Hot Glue
My letter was a natural wood color and I knew I wouldn’t be able to completely cover every inch with shells, so I painted the letter white first.  After the paint was dry I began placing shells and gluing.  I didn’t map it out, I just worked each piece one at a time.  

I was surprised everything fit together as nicely as it did.  My biggest concerns were that the hot glue wouldn’t hold the shells and that the shells wouldn’t fit together well. Happy to report those weren’t issues! I normally use shells that I collect at the beach, but for this craft I wanted a better variety of size, shape, and style.  I purchased these shells at Walmart, the shells were about $4 cheaper at Walmart than Michael’s.

It fits perfect in my living room that’s decked out in beach decor!  I have so much fun making these crafts and I hope you’re enjoying them as well!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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