Adventure Book!

This was one of those crafts I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with it and I made a few mistakes… but I still love it! I found photo albums on sale at Michael’s and didn’t really plan on decorating them… Until I was on a Pinterest binge and saw a few different things that lead me to this!

What you’ll need:
-Photo Alum (the one I choose was fabric)
-Sea Shells!
-Mini Pearls
-Contact Paper
I get 95% of my supplies from Michael’s, other times AC Moore, Walmart, Target, and Amazon (god bless prime!)

Initially, I used the sharpie to write directly on the fabric, but didn’t anticipate the ink bleeding, it wasn’t cute!  I tried painting over the marker and that did turn out cute, however I wasn’t paying attention and I smeared the paint- sad face- there was officially no going back! So after all of my silliness, I used a small piece of contact paper to cover up my fails!  I just used the Sharpie to write on the contact paper.  I’m not very good with cutting a straight line and that’s where the ribbon saved the day!  I used hot glue to secure the ribbon and trim the contact paper (to hide my uneven cutting.)  I added the final details of mini pearls and sea shells with hot glue. 

I’m very satisfied with this project!  Now, I just have to decide what photos are worthy being a “Mermaid Adventure!” Hope y’all enjoyed this one! Thanks for reading!!! 

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