Flip Flop Wreath!

To make the flip flop wreath you’ll need:
-4 pairs of flip flops 
-Hot Glue Gun 
-Crazy Glue
-Embellishments! (Ribbon/shells)
-Letter or Word
Initially when I made this wreath I used a styrofoam base, but it ended up not working out the best!  It’s actually easier to attach the flip flops to each other. 
To start, organize the flip flops in the pattern that you prefer. I made a “t” shape for the first layer, and then added the second layer between each flip flop. I then used hot glue to secure the flip flops in place, however I found that if you place the wreath in a high sun area, the hot glue won’t hold for long! When I touched up the wreath I used hot glue in combination with crazy glue and that seemed to work much better! 
You can add whatever embellishments you prefer! I used ribbon and sea shells. Once everything is assembled, attach a word or letter in the center (it helps cover where all the flip flops intersect.) Michael’s always has a lot of cute embellishments, like butterflies, flowers, and such!
I hope y’all enjoyed this craft! Have a great day! 


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