Ombré Monograms!

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a tad obsessed with monograms! Here we go! 
What you’ll need:
-Paint Brushes
-Mod Podge Spray
I started by painting the letter, top half white and bottom half teal.  I used a paint brush to apply glue and applied the glitter, I used white glitter for the top and teal glitter for the bottom. I used a ribbon in the middle and tied a bow! With this project I did seal it with Mod Podge spray to seal the glitter!  Hope y’all enjoyed!

Flip Flop Frame!

Today’s post is a quickie!  I purchased an adorable frame from (you guessed it!) Michael’s and I wasn’t sure what to do with it!  Finally I decided to just paint it!  I added glitter to give it a pretty shimmer and added little polka dots on the straps.  

So cute!!! I’m sure there are a million ways to decorate these little frames, you could always add little embellishments like little pearls, ribbon, flowers, butterflies, the list goes on!

Hope y’all enjoyed! Have a great day!!!

Wooden Wreath

I’m super excited to share this craft!!!  I initially found it on Pinterest and I LOVE the way it turned out, I made two!!! Here we go! 
What you’ll need:
-Wooden sign
-Wood cut outs- Crab, Anchor, Dolphin
-Baby sized flip flops (I went to Old Navy)
-Monogram! (Can you tell I’m obsessed with Monograms?!)
-Sea Shell
-Paint Brushes
-Wood Glue
-Hot Glue
To start, I painted the wooden sign (purchased from Michael’s!)  While that was drying I painted the smaller wooden pieces (also purchased from Michael’s!)  I used a wood glue to secure the rope to the wooden sign.  I also used wood glue to secure the anchor, crab, and dolphin.  For the monogram, shell and flip flops, I used a combination of wood glue and hot glue.  I feel like the wood glue holds for a longer period of time and the hot glue helps secure it immediately.  This project does take a little patience when gluing the rope.  I laid out the rope before cutting it down to size, just to make sure I had the correct measurements. When it came time to glue the rope, I tried leaving it in the circle pattern and just lifting one portion at a time while applying the glue.
This is by far one of the cutest things I’ve ever made! It looks adorable in my living room!  Just a side note: I purchased the flip flops in the baby section of Old Navy.  Both pairs of flip flops had a strap that went around the ankle, I did end up cutting that portion off to make the flip flop more simplistic!  Thanks for reading!!! Happy crafting!