Jewelry Box

This was by far the longest project yet!  I began working on this project a few months ago and I never really had the perfect pieces to put it all together.  Now that it’s 100% complete, I’m glad I took my time!  I’ve wanted a jewelry box to store costume jewelry for some time, however, I didn’t want the typical department store fancy wooden jewelry box.  I just happen to find a plain wooden box on sale at Micheal’s (who would’ve guessed… I found something on sale at Micheal’s?!) and that’s where this adventure began!
To start, I painted the exterior of the box.  I stumbled across stationary that coordinates with my bedding.  Using a little ribbon and Mod Podge, I secured the decorative paper. My jewelry box sat like this for a few months.

Until… I found a mirror to place on the inside lid!  Using scrapbook paper, I created a background for the mirror and added a little ribbon for a delicate touch!  Once again, my jewelry box sat for a few more months.

For the longest time, I wasn’t sure how to put the finishing touches on the inside of my jewelry box.  I contemplated using fabric verses paper to cover the bottom.  I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to cover the sides or just the bottom with fabric.  I finally decided to cover just the bottom with fabric and paint the sides.  I used a mixture of Elmer’s glue and water to secure the fabric to the bottom of the jewelry box. Once it was dry, my jewelry box was FINALLY complete (after about 6 months)!

As I stated earlier, I am very pleased with the way this project turned out.  My ideas changed over time, for example, intentionally I didn’t plan on putting a mirror on the inside of the jewelry box.  It wasn’t until a mirror popped out of an eye shadow compact that I got the idea!  The same went for the fabric on the bottom of the box.  I was in search of fabric for a while and it wasn’t until I ruined a tee shirt when I finally locked into the idea.  I used the old tee shirt to cover the bottom of the jewelry box.  When I purchased the box it was on sale for 49 cents.  I also purchased the stationary used on the top of the lid.  All of the other supplies were from other projects or recycled.
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2 thoughts on “Jewelry Box

  1. I agree! I made a second jewelry box to give as a gift! It's a great gift because you can really personalize it to fit the person you are giving it to! I was also thinking of using this idea to make a photo box or office supply storage for my desk! We'll see what I can cook up!


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