Breakfast Tray

I have wanted a breakfast tray for a while, but they seemed a little expensive… even for the plain, not-so-durable ones from Target or Walmart.  After checking out sites like Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn, I realized I would have to make my own in order for a breakfast tray to fit in my budget!  At Target and Walmart they run from $10-$20.  The other stores started around $50 and went up to $89.

I found a very plain wooden tray at AC Moore craft store.  At first I was planning to paint the tray a solid color, but then I got to thinking… I could use a piece of scrapbook paper and Mod Podge to really decorate it!  I choose a piece of scrapbook paper and coordinating paint, then went to work!  I painted the entire tray and allowed it to dry over night.  In the morning, I applied Mod Podge glue to the back of the scrapbook paper and a little to the tray itself, then secured the paper.  After ensuring all bubbles were removed and the surface was smooth, I applied Mod Podge to the entire surface of the tray.  The Mod Podge is a glue that also works as a sealer.  I added little ribbons to the handles for detail.

I’m very pleased with how this project turned out!  I plan on making a few more!  The cost of this project… Tray- $5.99 (I had a 50% off coupon for one item so the tray was about $3) Paint- 44cents and Scrapbook paper was 50cents… I used Mod Podge left over from a previous project, but it runs about $7 in craft stores.  My total was about $5… and that definitely fit the budget!


Glass Jar Make-Over

I found my second project on Pintrest.  Click here to view original post!  This was another easy little project.  Supplies: Scrapbook paper, paint brush, Mod Podge (the glue/finish), jars, ribbon, and scissors! First, empty and clean jars… I used a spaghetti sauce jar, a mason jar, and a Maker’s Mark bottle.

After removing all labels, measure your scrapbook paper to the jar or bottle.  Using the paint brush, apply Mod Podge to the back of the scrapbook paper, and place on the jar.  Smooth out any bubbles or seams, then apply a coat of Mod Podge to the scrapbook paper.  It dries fairly fast.  I just tied a ribbon around the jar and placed flowers inside!

The cost of this project- Mod Podge is roughly $10, scrapbook paper was 50 cents a sheet, the jars should be recycled which makes them… free! I saved some money by using a sponge instead of a paint brush. And, all of my supplies had leftovers for other projects!

My first project…

I was recently paging through the West Elm catalog.  I loved the idea of recycled glass bottles… However, in the catalog, they run from $6-$29.  I didn’t want to pay that much.  I knew I wanted something in a blue tone to match my living room.
The cost of this project… $0!!! The Pinnacle bottles came from a bar, I just asked for the empty bottles.  The roses were a gift and I just dried them!  This was a pretty quick and painless project!

I decided to use Pinnacle Vodka bottles! I loved the shape and color.  My first step (after emptying the bottles of course) was to clean them and remove the stickers and foil.  Removing the foil was probably the hardest part to this entire process.  I used goo gone to remove any glue left from the stickers.  After they were washed and dried, I placed a dried rose in each bottle. It adds a great touch to my living room!